Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.
The Church in Central New York founded and consistently fostered by the GLBTQIS community. October 31, 2018 was the 35th Anniversary in our 36th year in Ministry.
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The Memorial Service and Celebration of the Life of Robert C. Bacon was held on Friday night, January 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society 3800 East Genesee Street.  Syracuse, NY 13214.   To see a video of the Service Part ONE CLICK HERE.   Part TWO CLICK HERE.

To READ the program and follow along while watching the service, CLICK HERE.

One of our Founders, a Member of Ray Of Hope Church for 35 years, Robert C. Bacon "Robb" passed away last Sunday, December 23, 2018, very early in the morning at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY.  There will be a celebration of Robb's life in the form of a worship service (see details above).  Robb had a very clear desire to be buried at the Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve in Newfield, NY.  This beautiful hilltop "... offers a sustainable, natural alternative to conventional burials, without embalming fluids, high-cost coffins, concrete vaults and fancy gravestones.  At Greensprings, burial is simple.  People make their return to the Earth in a way that celebrates how they lived their lives." (from Greensprings web site).  Robb's wishes were followed today, December 29, at 11:00 AM and he was buried wrapped in a simple shroud.  I realize many of you would have liked to have attended Robb's graveside ceremony.  Simply put, there was no time to make annoucements and organize a public service in time for the requirements of a natural burial.  Therefore, I broadcast the event to the best of my ability with my little cellphone in three short live videos posted on my page on my personal Facebook page.  You may see these videos and add your prayers as you experience the service and burial.  I am confident that Robb would have wanted me to show this to people so others would have the opportunity to consider a natural burial.  Robb is still teaching us.  We are already missing Robb's help with the ministry here on earth but some of you will remember what Fr. John J. McNeill said at Ordination in 1996.  He told us we will be able to do much more for the church on Earth once we are in Paradise because there we will be completely occupied with prayer for those we know on Earth and with praise and worship of God.  We are very confident that Robb is praying for all of us and the continued success of our attempts to get the message of Jesus out to those who need it the most.  Robb certainly did this even up to the final moments in his burial.  Take the time to see these videos and give God thanks and praise.

Br. Shawn Benedict, Pastor.

The videos appear on the Facebook page in reverse order so the one at the bottom is the first, the middle one is the second and the top one is the third video.


For more information on Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve CLICK HERE
Robert C. Bacon, "Robb" - Founder, Friend, a man of great integrity and passion for the Gospel to all people.  b. April 7, 1933 to December 23, 2018.  To see the Robb Bacon Page click here.
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"I pray daily for those who do not believe they are made in the image of God and that they are aware of their role in the Body of Christ.. that the Spirit is within them"...  Robb Bacon  October 28, 2018.  Robb said this during our worship service on the occasion of our 35th Anniversary celebration.

Robb was always very aware of the current events, in his neighborhood, in Central NY, and around the world.  Robb frequently sent us cards and cut out articles of interest especially when the content lined up with our Statement Of Purpose.  This card was sent to Veronica Floyd during the celebration of Black History Month.