Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.
The Church in Central New York founded and consistently fostered by the GLBTQIS community. October 31, 2018 was the 35th Anniversary in our 36th year in Ministry.
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       In the Spirit of God, and in the footsteps of Christ Jesus,

       we the faith Community at Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus

       Christ commit to:


       + Guide and welcome all people to the Free Gift of Salvation in Christ

          Jesus, with God-ordained celebration of all sexual orientations, and

          gender expressions, with an open ministry to persons affected by or

          infected with HIV/AIDS, their families and friends.


       + Declare and openly assert the truth that same-sex relationships  

          founded  and fostered in God-centered love, are holy and blessed,     

          and in fact originate by the work of the Holy Spirit; and, that God

          equally uses blessed same-sex and hetrosexual Holy Unions and

          Marriages to bring God's own love and good news of "Salvation to all

          who believe" into the world.


       + Uphold, proclaim and teach the historic Biblical Christian Doctrine,

          build community through worship and prayer, break the bread, and

          live the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


       + Change the world around us by living Gospel principles of social

           justice in everything we do, thereby exposing all forms of prejudice,

           oppression, racism, homophobia, sexism, and misogyny.


        + Proclaim the ray of hope, which is the soon-coming return of Christ

           Jesus, and the fullness of His Eternal Community where the Will of

           God will establish liberty, justice, equity, and peace for all God's

           People and the universe.


For easy instructions on how to use Skype to participate in our activities click here.
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Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.  The only name associated with this ministry is the "Name above all names."  (see Philippians 2:9-11)