Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.
The Church in Central New York founded and consistently fostered by the GLBTQIS community. October 31, 2018 was the 35th Anniversary in our 36th year in Ministry.


7.01 Council Committees.

The Moderator shall designate the committees needed to conduct the business of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ and shall appoint all members of each, subject to the approval of the Council. All committees, whether standing or ad hoc, will be reviewed at the last scheduled Council meeting prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members to determine if they remain needed

7.02 Appointment to Chair. 

The Moderator shall appoint all committee chairpersons, subject to the approval of the Council. 

7.03 Request to Serve.

Any person wishing to chair a committee must submit a written request so stating to the Clerk and Moderator of the Council. This request shall explain the reason that person wishes to serve and the qualification he or she believes make him or her a suitable candidate for the appointment.

7.04 Term of Office. 

All committee chairpersons shall serve one year in office and if their service has been found satisfactory and if they agree, each or all of them may be continued in office for the ensuing year.

7.05 Meetings With and Reports to Council.

Committee chairpersons will meet quarterly with the Council or such person or persons as it may direct to coordinate activities. Each committee shall prepare at least a quarterly and an annual report to the Council for its review and approval. This report shall summarize the accomplishments of the committee, its future plans and, as appropriate, its financial needs. 

7.06 Teaching Posts - Special Requirements. 

Any person who agrees to accept a position as a Teacher must subscribe to the Statement of Faith before the position is conferred. 

7.07 Council Committees - Areas of Concern.

Conduct of the business of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ includes the general areas of service to the membership, service to the community at large, to specifically targeted interest groups, service to the nation, and service to each Member, Friend and other congregant because Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ exists to finds ways that God's love may be expressed to all people. In order to best achieve this grand commission, Council committees must be formed with expertise and interest in many different areas, specifically including long-range planning and Local Leadership Committees. 

7.08 Local Leadership Committees. 

The formulation and operation of local leadership committees shall be as specified in ARTICLE 11 of these By-laws.


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